Myron Laban is a 27 year old visual artist and pharmacist born of Egyptian immigrants. He is most known for his CTA Project and Uplift pieces. His “Uplift” series represents perseverance to keep moving forward during struggle, while maintaining hope that things will be okay. In 2017 he was named “best new visual artist” by The Chicago Reader and has been featured on PBS, CBS, USA Today, and other notable media outlets. Myron has incorporated his art into the community with organizations such as Hope For The Day, Chance the Rapper’s SocialWorks, Young Chicago Authors, and Boys and Girls Club of Chicago.  His ultimate goal is to create art that helps people through their struggle.

Self Portrait

Young man
Goofy is understated
Pyramids and Sahara skinned
Finger pricks, syringes, and vials full of insulin
CTA rider, Art maker
Converse con strangers with a smile
Makes paint flow like canoes down rivers
Cheerios for breakfast, pushups for dinner
Pill Counting, neon green New Balance
Baby blue scrubs
Ask me about your drugs

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